About OIA – 34th General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF) Conference
About OIA

Oman Insurance Association was established on December 18, 2010, under Registration No. 142 by the Ministry of Social Development. OIA is a nonprofitable trade body consisting of Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Loss Adjusters, and others licensed by Capital Market Authority, Oman to indulge in Insurance Activity.

OIA’s roots trace back to a momentous gathering of 40 members of the Insurance Fraternity at a Businessmen Hall on September 20, 2006.

As the representative body for the insurance sector in Oman, OIA takes pride in fostering a collaborative ecosystem that facilitates knowledge exchange, innovation, and growth. Staying at the forefront of industry developments and embracing best practices to elevate the insurance landscape in Oman.

For more information about OIA and its initiatives, please visit: www.OmanInsuranceAssociation.com

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