About CMA – 34th General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF) Conference
About CMA

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) plays a crucial role in the Sultanate of Oman by regulating and supervising the capital market and insurance sectors. Guided by its strategic objectives, CMA aims to foster growth in these sectors and instill confidence in domestic and foreign investors. Its goal is to ensure continuous development of institutions operating in the capital market, diversify their product offerings, and engage a wide range of participants to contribute significantly to the Omani economy.

Established by Royal Decree No. 8090 on 9th November 1998, CMA operates as a government entity with juristic personality. It carries out a range of important functions and duties, including:

  • Supervising the Muscat Stock Exchange.
  • Overseeing the Muscat Clearance and Depository Company (MCD).
  • Managing the Oman Centre for Governance and Sustainability (OCGS).
  • Developing the capital market and insurance sectors through comprehensive studies and crafting laws and regulations that align with international best practices.
  • Enforcing the laws under its jurisdiction to maintain a fair and transparent marketplace.
  • Licensing, supervising, and regulating various entities, including public joint stock companies, securities operators, insurance companies, brokers, and credit rating companies.

CMA is committed to creating a robust and resilient financial landscape in Oman. By conducting thorough studies and adopting best practices, it continuously evolves its regulatory framework to meet the changing dynamics of the global financial industry.

For more information about CMA and its initiatives, please visit: www.cma.gov.om.

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