About GAIF – 34th General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF) Conference
About GAIF

The General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF) was established in September 1964 in Cairo in response to the collective desire of Arab insurance professionals and companies. It operates with legal personality, administrative autonomy, and financial independence, enabling it to effectively pursue its objectives. Since its inception, GAIF has had its permanent headquarters in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt.

The primary goal of GAIF is to foster cooperation among Arab insurance markets and related bodies, promoting stronger relationships and coordination of various activities. Its mission is to safeguard the interests of its members and advance the Arab Insurance industry.

As an Arab International Organization, GAIF works diligently to support the development and integration of the Arab Insurance Industry. It adheres to the policies and procedures outlined in its Articles of Association, ensuring that its efforts are dedicated to serving the best interests of its members.

For more information about GAIF and its initiatives, please visit www.gaif.org

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